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Corregidor Island Philippines by the Moon Light (Part 3)

I found new love.
Falling in love over and over again.

Bumabalik tanaw sa mga larawan.Umaapaw ang paghanga sa natatanging taglay niyang kagandahan.

The outcry for freedom, the many battles she endured and lives who perished on this rock those "scars of war"on the face of Corregidor constitutes a rich history of the Island.
Scars so beautiful in my eyes.

I realized in some way this is one good reason of blogging. Reaping pure joy of satisfaction sa pagbabahagi ng mga ito. The experiences the photos as I recall them and write today are interestingly "One acre of Diamond" in comparison.

Sa pag papatuloy ng aking Corregidor Island hopping.

Next activity after the tour.The sunset sight viewing on top of the hills followed by the Night tunnel exploration under the ground after the sunset.Para makisalamuha sa mga dead spirits of corregidor.Exciting.
Here are the photos.

Day tour end around 2:30pm at the North dock to get on board bound to manila

Because I took the overnight package tour I'm riding back to the hotel

Enjoying the cool breeze of one beautiful afternoon by the sea road along the way to hotel.

View overlooking the the island of Caballo

road by the Hill

Caballo Island another view angle

The driver dropped me in this spot.Taken from the viranda of the hotel entrance.Majestic view.

I meet the other 2 over night tourist from the the early trip who have enjoyed free time starting 12 pm exlporing the Island by themselves.
This is room#210 on the 2nd flr. at the left corner with two windows & a balcony.I like everything on it.the dark wood panels ,floor, capiz window, native blinds and the clean white bed sheets and towels.

That was the first day. living in the mountain side by the beach.

Napasarap ang tulog ko, so I missed the sunset.

So,the last activity was the tunnel exploration under ground.I'm not really a fan wanderer of darkness but this will complete the corregidor experience.

The silence was deafening. Only some constant drippings could be heard from a distance.One visitor said " it is the most stygian blackness imaginable, a darkness so total it can paralyze all the senses."

We stumbled on some pieces of bones left around and meet unusual living creatures crawling on the ground. a strange coldness touching your skin somewhat this tour is mysterious and one should not be missed by those who come to visit. Momentarily we were disconnected from outside world alone with the dead.This is it. The corregidor experience of world war 2.

With our flashlight and helmet on we dangerously climbed both narrow and wide openings and lost on our way out. Ofcourse it was a joke.

the tunnel is 835 ft long East -west passage 24 ft wide height 18 ft branching into 13 laterals on its north and 11 on the south side.It is under solid rock.

a lonesome sea creatures crawling on the ground
not surprisingly, bones sighting

with our helmet and flaslight trying to climb the opening up above
Other photos

We end the night with a sumptous dinner at the terrace by the moon light over looking malinta hills and south china sea.
I forgot to take photo.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Corregidor Island Philippines- Majestic Ocean View (Part 2)

On the first day, Sa pag papatuloy na aking Corregidor Island hopping.Ang kagandahan ng karagatan at mga bundok sa paligid nito ay nagdulot sa akin ng kakaibang gaan sa pakiramdam. Beauty beyond words. You wanted to capture the majestic view in your mind to share it to all. Sana kasama ko ang lahat ng taong mahalaga sa akin to share this majestic experience. Instantly you are connected sa nature at diyos na may likha ng lahat.You are in awe.Tama ang aking kaibigan kulang ang mga salita para ilarawan ang ganda ng paligid.I never really thought na ganito kaganda ng Corregidor Island. It is a must to visit. Include it to your plan. Sun Cruises offered tour packages hassle free.Napansin ko most of the tourist are foreigners from around the world.Kunti lang ang mga pinoy.kung meron man mga Filipino Veterans or OFW na nangungulila sa kagandahan ni inang bayan.

Here are the photos from my point and shoot digital cam canonIxus60 without editing

From afar is the small Caballo Island.Known as one of impregnate fortress defense. Corregidor Island is part of other smaller Island that forms a crater.Formation believed to be of a volcanic origin a million years ago.

It allows you to see from a distance Manila and Cavite

The ruins of war, the mile long barracks and structures tell a moving story of heroism.Tatayo ang balahibo mo sa mga kwento ng kabayanihan,the struggles for freedom.

The Pacific War Memorial (PWM) in honor of the Filipino and Americn servicemen who participated in the Pacific War

The Altar

The writing in the silent deep of the sea

The window of eternal light by looking at it your spirit soars along with them.

Eternal Flame of Freedom a large sculpture which symbolizes the flame of freedom burning eternally. This reminds that all men will fight as one to defend nation's liberty.

The Guns

The Malinta Tunnel.It had been dug through a solid rock and offered complete protection from air attack.It houses 1,000 bed capacity hospital,Douglas Mc Arthur headquarters and storage of foods and ammunitions

Today,all visitors can experience the thrills of Malinta Tunnel in the vividly staged light and sound by national artist Lamberto Abellana called "The Malinta Experience"

Corregidor Hotel

The view from my window is endless.

The nearby beach

The Malinta Hills.Nakita niyo yong opening yan ang malinta tunnel.

The North dock and Bataan from a far

Corregidor Island tour is alluring and captivating of endless panoramic beauty.

Watch out for the continuation the 3rd part : The suns dramatic ascent above the horizon the morning after.

On board Sun cruises bound to Corregidor Island (Part 1)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Corregidor Island Philippines On board Sun Cruises(part 1)

On board Sun Cruises bound to Corregidor Island. This is my first boat ride on a long distance about 48 kilometers west of manila. Sun cruises vessels are docked at the pier in Harbor Square beside Cultural Center of the Philippines.
My colleague insisted na puntahan ito bukod sa malapit lang sa Manila ay napakaganda ng Island.I took overnight tour package 2,800 php inclusive of hotel accomodation with lunch buffet upon arrival, a roundtrip ferry boat transfers, shrine and terminal fee and the guided tour.Malinis at airconditioned ang ferry boat.They follow strictly an on -time arrival and departure kung kayat I took the second trip mga 11 a.m yata yon kasi takot akong ma late at maiwan. 8a.m. ang first trip.

Ang bilis. Over an hour lang andoon na kami. Ito ang North Dock of Corregidor.

Tamang- tama lunch na kami ng dumating kaya lumamon muna ako to the max.All the visitors are my label na nakadikit sa shirt.Pag pink ang color ng tag mo, you are on a day tour pag blue naman over night. That day anim lang kaming may blue sticker kung kayat pag aari namin ang buong Island. Ok naman ang food pasado na.May inumin na may kulay na di ko na try kasi naubos kaagad.Ang fruit salad ang pinagtripan ko.

Ito ang"Tramvias"- pre war type of streetcars used in the guided and narrated tour in the Island.Take note mo lang kung anong number ang sinakyan mo para doon ka ulit sasakay kung ayaw mong mapaaway.
Tara sakay na!

mabubusog ka ng history of wars bago pa matapos ang tour.Ang gagaling ng mga tour guide.
Ito ang ilan sa mga photos I took during may overnight stay in Corregidor island Philippines in random orders.

Always at first I'm inloved and amazed of the ocean view.It's beyond comprehension. The tour allows visitors to see different geographic sectors of the Island which includes top side, Middle side, bottom side, the tail End, and Malinta Hill.

This is the tail part of the Island.

Taken from the middle side.

Taken from the top, previosly the runway. The entire Island is a tadpole shaped.Spreading its tail in graceful manner.

Sa ocean view pa lang parang ang sarap mabuhay dito. to be continued...

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