Sunday, July 14, 2013

a Day to Celebrate

On your birthday, you asked everyone to answer two questions, a sort of a game you like to do among groups in gathering and a simple birthday celebrant's request.What to do yanni. Struggle bigla ang lahat hahhahahaha sa gutom siguro or dahil ang hirap mag isip ng sagot.Napansin mo yon. Here you are, as usual started to answer your own question to keep it rolling to begin with. Halos maubos na yata ang lahat ng food sa lamesa bago mo natapos isa- isa hin ang mga patay gutom mong mga kaibigan hahahahaaha na nag tatawanan at kinikilig sa mga sinasabi mo sa kanila. So sweet of you.

Ang pamatay mong katanungan: You like me and you don't like me because... I'm seated beside you so on your left so was the last to answer. I like you because you are simply you and I don't have any reasons to dislike you at all- What a lame answer from me  just end my turn.

 Happy birthday. You know How special you are and you will always be thanks for the friendship.

Syempre your most gorgeous friend on your special DAY. thanks for the invites.

at ang mapapalad masali on your circle of friends.

and The birth day Girl.


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