Saturday, June 8, 2013

Treasure Hunt

It's been a long while absence, as if somebody cares if I was.(oh yeah! I miss this kind of intro)

Last week, while I'm on a rubble of old projects documents  I found this picture on a A4 size paper.Hold on, I can't describe in words my reaction.( Try to Imagine someone, who find a bar of gold on mid day under the scorching sun)

The little girl in red is my dearest friend,  a colleague of mine, a civil engineer, small but terrible. She made me smile all day long reminiscing old times.

 I can't believe all these people have already move on in their career.while me still can't leave daddy Sameer alone running our business. Yay! He need me badly, its family enterprise what to do yanni!



Psyche-Life said...

Mel. salamat ha. treasure talaga diko na maalala ito kung saan at kelan nakunan. maiksi lang post mo pero i like it hehe. mention talaga pangalan ni boss ah! yan ang tapang. thanksss friend, ur da best!

Anciro Romana said...

treasure hunt talaga? :)

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