Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Games,my vision and my life

What i'm doing in my career and personal life exactly at this very moment have had been envisioned way back in the past when I was just a kid age 7. Amazing, YES!

 Not fully aware of my future but my father was certain. He supported me all the way for all my little craziness unusual games that no one at the time had fully understood yet.But my father would playfully joined me in my acts and generously addressed me with the all title i'm role playing for that instance with seriousness and would announced to everyone: Don't disturb, the boss is busy.The kid was more than thrilled.

 I am deeply grateful today. Thank you pappy, you are a genius.I miss you.


Ron Dy said...

Your genius father as you were calling him must have been so proud of what his son is. I suddenly miss my papsy - a man without pretensions.

Nong Inong said...

napaka sweet na son nyo po, matutuwa si Daddy nyo dito!

Archieviner said...

You're so blessed to have father like him. :)

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