Monday, December 3, 2012

UAE 41 st national day

It's a two days holiday mostly to all public companies, banking, 
federal and local government departments.
and yes, we are here celebrating the spirit of the  union.
with our drivers roaming around the Corniche area 
a glimpsed from a far  of the Air show 
though we missed the entire air show in search of a parking space. The celebration as always been was worth looking forward.
Happy national day to all!

and the dinner after.



Anciro Romana said...

wow ang ganda ng air show.

Ron Dy said...

ung kakain na tatlo tapos may isang nakatayo PANGMAYAMAN ang postura hehehe

Archieviner said...

Di pa ko nakakita ng air show live. Mukhang maganda. Happy National Day :D

iya_khin said...

last year tayo ang magkakasama ah!! heheheh!

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