Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Danger on Shower heads What??


Opo, Dapat po nating katakutan yan according to the experts from US who used an ultra sensitive method to detect bacteria.So, sa mga di naliligo super safe kayo. Ano ba naman itong nadidikubre ng mga scientist natin, anyway

Mycobacterium avium, a bacterium linked to breathing illnesses that most often infects people in poor health but can also cause illness in healthy individuals.Normally, they are found in water however, it was found out that bacteria tend to clump together to form a slimy "biofilm" at concetration more than 100 times in the shower head greater than is found in ordinary water. Akala niyo super linis na kayo after a shower, yon pala kakapaligo mo pa lang ng sndamakmak na bacteria. yon na yon.

It does seems a good precaution to let the shower run for a few moments before entering and to regularly clean the shower and the shower head.
Kay panalo pa rin ng tabo- tabo ng pinoy.


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