Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sand Animation with Kseniya Simonova- Amazing talent

One single word to describe this act.AWESOME.
I saw this for the first in face book. A friend of mine share the video and I was really blown away.When life sometimes turns boring something new like this change everything.It was almost hypnotizing. I was transfixed and amazed how graceful and precise the movement of the hand as it glides with sand story unfolds in full emotions.

Not everyone are familiar with this kind of talent. I never heard it in in my country even in America. How can this lady captured every one's heart by just performing with sands and sounds. See and share your feelings again.

Kseniya Simonova won the Ukraine Got talent with this amazing act and left everyone speechless. She is a 24 year old artist.First started making these type of drawings on the beach and eventually it all progressed to this with 14 million watching her in awe to the finale and eventually won the contest.

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