Friday, March 4, 2011

When life Hurts - On board

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I bought a book" When life Hurts" by Philip Yancey- Understanding God's Place in your Pain. On board OM ship at Mina Port Abu Dhabi last Feb. 18. The only floating library in the world. Ilubeyt.

If you love books and humanitarian efforts catch them on their upcoming port
Qatar until March 5 , Dubai March 8 and 9.
visit Logos hope 40 years in bringing knowledge, help and hope to the world port cities.

I will share sa mga susunod ko ng post how Philip Yancey discovered inside a leprosy hospital the importance of pains in our life.

Just remember this: without pain, our lives will be in constant danger.

Pain is not an innovation God devised at the last moment of creation just to make our lives miserable.


Anonymous said...

I agree to that. Sometimes we need pains in our life. Its not because God has given them to us, its just tests para marealize natin kung gaano tayo kalakas...

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wow. Sana naman magawi sila dito sa Manila para naman mabisita ko ang unique na library na iyan.

What is pain? I believe that pain is not an invetion of God. When God created man, He did not want them to feel pain and suffering.

Nagkaroon ng pain dahil din sa kagagawan ng tao. Noong sinuway niya ang utos ng Diyos at sinunod ang demonyo, doon nagkaroong ng pain, suffering and death.

Mga tao ang nagbigay ng pagdurusa sa sarili nila. This is the reason why Jesus Christ came para siya ang sumalo ng ating pain at suffering at death para magkaroon tayo ng chance for a happy and painless eternal life with God.

Kamila said...

nice nice nice... hindi talaga ako mahilig magbasa.. pero di ko alam bakit mahilig pa din ako dumalaw sa library para humiram kuno ng libro..hehehehe....

Keatondrunk said...

interesado rin akong magbasa ng anything about life, ok yan..

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